The Futures Institute

Advancing Community Safety Legislation in Congress

We advocate for solutions that include non-carceral crisis response, youth programming, increasing the healthcare workforce, and many other investments that have a proven track record of improving community safety.


The Federal Legislative Agenda for Community Safety presents a slate of current bills that reflect an evidence-based, preventative approach to community safety. We strongly support these bills as a starting point for providing the safety that individuals, families, and communities deserve.

The People’s Response Act invests in an inclusive, holistic, and health-centered approach to public safety by creating a new “Division on Community Safety” within the Department of Human Health and Services that funds a wide range of prevention-oriented approaches to safety.

In 2019, The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, Civil Rights Corps, and 120 other organizations nationwide came together to envision a new, non-carceral paradigm for public safety that respects the humanity, dignity, and human rights of all people. As a community, we proposed a holistic framework that expands our view of public safety, prioritizing prevention-oriented investments in non-carceral programs and social services—not jails, prison, and policing—to keep people safe.

Today, this work continues through a robust campaign that seeks to turn this shared vision into a political reality.