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We are seeking innovative and creative policy proposals from youth aged 14 - 23 in the United States tackling the issues that matter. Join the Youth Policy Competition today.


Policymakers have the ability to deliver safety that works for all communities—without putting more people behind bars. Our Community Safety work area is designed to help catalyze this transformation.


Be a part of the change. Join the Community Safety Working group.


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The Futures Institute develops and advances policies that offer a bold vision for our future—one that provides all communities with genuine safety and all youth with equal opportunity.

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  • Community Safety Working Group [All Partners] July 1, 2024

  • Community Safety Working Group [ Legislative Advocacy] July 2, 2024


Endorse the Futures Agenda either in full or in part.


Join more than 70 organizations working to advance community safety nationally.


See the evidence shows that when we invest in trees, parks, and other changes to our community spaces, we can dramatically improve safety — while making our neighborhoods healthier, more beautiful, and more welcoming!


Read our updated policy brief on evidence-based investments that can best keep youth and communities safe.


Read our new brief on non-carceral, targeted solutions for retail theft — and get the facts about what is and is not happening nationwide.

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